Lucap Wharf: The gate to the HINP

Before you can enjoy swimming, paragliding, IMG_4591snorkeling, zip lining and many other adventurous activities in the famous Hundred Islands National Park, the first place that you’ll ever be is in the Lucap Wharf. Facing the famous Hundred Islands National Park, the view of the wharf is simply extravagant. Today, it is famous because of its simple beauty. It hosted many events, for concerts, pageants and other recreational activities.

On the past years, the wharf is famous because of its Lighthouse. Also, it houses different souvenir shops where you can find ‘Pasalubong’ for everyone. Later this year, it was renovated. It was made more beautiful than it was before.

It caters more than a hundred thousands of visitors, local and foreign. It is now famous for its Baywalk like style, the one found in Roxas Boulevard, Manila. But for me, without any hesitations, saying that this is the best wharf and baywalk yet. IMG_4684

Later this year, it catered more than 100 Paraws because of its Paraw Festival.  A Paraw is a boat which has a beautiful and colorful sails, used by natives in the early days as a means of transportation and business.

For us students, this place helps us to relax, by means of its very beautiful scenery. Me and my friends come here very often, to have nice chats, to feel the cool breeze that the Lingeyen Gulf blows to us, to eat different kinds of yummy street foods and most specially, to have ourselves stress free of the things that the world throws to us that made us so stressful. Different food establishments and hotels can also be found here. The latest food establishment that aroused here was the Mermaids Cafe,18527726_302827346824576_2549138605142862335_n which offers a delightfully good coffee and pastries which I personally, suggests you to go to. Also, I suggest for you to go in the Maxine by the bay restaurant, which serves delicious foods that will surely make your appetite to the fullest.

Truly, it is very amazing to see the beauty of nature that is preserved by us. Let us continue to make our place, our city and our world a clean, beautiful and preserved ones.

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100 PULO.

Here’s a short video from Youtube: credits to Drones Above

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