One Unique Food : Alaminos Longganisa

The pride of Alaminos is The hundred Island, today not only hundred island but another pride of Alaminos City, The Alaminos Longganisa.

What is Alaminos Longganisas? , It is the same with other longganisa?, How about the taste and texture?


This is the questions comes up with your mind, Let’s tackle the Alaminos Longganissa and why Alaminos City should be Proud of.

According to Sunday Punch “It’s the only one of its kind, with a built-in toothpick,” said Ex-Mayor Hernani.

Alaminos Longganisa it is the trademark of Alaminos City, It is loaded with garlic, no preservatives added, the saltiness partner with rice is actually insane, and both ends with “toothpick”. It’s gaining popularity not only in local but also international market because of it’s taste and uniqueness of Alaminos longganisa.


According to Sunday Punch – Long History of Alaminos Longganisa actually has a long history that can be traced back to the Spanish era. Originally, according to Braganza, their longganisa was longer, whisch made it very difficult to cook. Someone then thought of making it into small ablong-shaped ones and later added the toothpick on both ends to distinguish their product from the other longganisa made in other parts of the country, so that’s why it has the toothpick to become unique to other places.

According to VANNila Tales and Mr. Ventura explained that everyday, the pork is bought freshly slaughtered from the local butchers, while the seasoning comprise only of  brown sugar, salt and ground pepper. They do not use artificial seasoning because they wanted to preserve the tradition and the integrity of the taste of the native longganisa.


Its key ingredient however would be the garlic. The owner emphasized that unlike other longganisa manufacturers, they only use native garlic which he buys from a supplier straight from Ilocos. He mentioned that other types of garlic, specially the imported ones,  may be cheaper but they will never do because the taste will suffer. Talk about dedication to quality!

Even the coloring they use for the longganisa is natural. They only use atsuete (English: Annatto; Scientific name: Bixa orellana)  to give the the longganisa its delicious reddish hue.

Once the pork have been ground and the spices mixed in, it goes through the grinder again but this time, it is packed into the casings as shown here.The meat within are then separated into sections and are held in place by bamboo sticks.

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