Bagbag Beach : A Day To Remember

When you hear about Alaminos it’s always two things : Alaminos Longganisa and the famous Hundred Island National Park. Alaminos is one of the richest eco – tourism in Pangasinan. They have  the Hundred Islands , Bolo Beach with Bolo one, two and three, they also have  called one Island and Bagbag Beach. Another Jewel or treasure of Alaminos, Bagbag Beach is located at Barangay Telbang. The Bagbag beach is already known , continuously being discover and becoming a tourist attraction in Alaminos, one of the easiest way and cheapest way to enjoy summer.


If you want to be more adventurous bagbag is recommended for you because it’s rocky beach like a huge big rock and white sand beach, it’s not like in hundred islands but I assured that this is the most cheapest way get away from stress, work and more and enjoy summer, before you reach bagbag you must walk about 10 – 20 minutes and there was a small mountain where you can climb and after that already the bagbag beach.

There are cottage in their and it made up of nipa hut and tent but but it is affordable. We rent the whole cottage with just 150 pesos, the original price is 350 you can bid the cottage or they actually bargain it.


Why we chose Bagbag because of small abount of visitors, away from the casual beach which already developed and it’s cheap or very affordable for student like us.

Me and my friends want to relax and feel free, this is my first visit in bagbag and never failed me and first time to go in a beach without my parents or any relatives , so I feel free. We enjoy a lot, our table is full of different kind of food. The day to remember not because of the place but we consider it but the friendship we are stronger and better, we enjoyed, we lough, and we love each other. An event that last forever and never forgotten.

It’s more fun in Alaminos.

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