Bolo Beach: Boodle Fight, Fight for Food

The Philippines are about 7,107 islands, get lost, from white sand beach, black sand beach and pink sand beach. A diverse and rich in natural resources with a perfect beaches and sunset. Why you don’t try it and experience the nature, if you are nature lover or you want to see spectacular beaches, Philippines is high recommended for you.

Alaminos City has a hidden treasure of about 124 island, but were not go deep in hundred islands, this time I recommend Bolo beach one of the beaches in Alaminos City. This is one of the visited places and also for family outing, barkada outing and for lovers. Why I recommend Bolo beach because it is cheap, easy to reach and it’s near to city.

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Bolo beach is a sandy bay area and not too far from Hundred Island national Park. There are nipa hut accommodation available and boats for hire that will take. The nipa hut cost about five hundred to eight hundred pesos it depend what season.
February 2017, we decided to go Bolo beach, this is usual to us that every occasion we go in bolo beach after the occasion. It’s not too far where we live, from San Vicente to bolo Beach. My aunties and cousins apparent to have a boodle fight or ”kamayan”, boodle fight is one way to eat with using hands, your plate is banana leaves, you can get it anywhere, plate no problem here in the Philippines, for food, you can put anything you want but in this case we love the beach set up with “tinunong tilapia”,”tinunong okra”, pork chop, “manga with bagoong”, crabs, seaweeds and especially and most important is rice, rice is the best.

Before we eat, we pray for our blessings and for food. After that we shout and said “KAINAN NA!” with a big smile in our face.

After we ate no one want to clean the table for the reason they all gone and they go direct to the beach and having fun, the other side my aunties was playing with cards and my uncles play with bottles with matching videooke , a popular singing machine.

The beach is awesome and the sunset it’s just like a painting, before I forgot  Bolo beach has three beaches, the bolo one where we stay, bolo two and bolo three.

This are the memories that never faid, the love, happiness, excitement and more stronger ever because were having fun, love and unity.

It’s more fun in Alaminos.

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