Paraw Festival: Talaba Ihaw Ihaw Day

The Philippines is lot more to give from beaches to mountains and one of the most exiting event in the Philippines is the festivals also known as “fiesta” where the candidate of each barangay or schools have their own costumes, dance steps and how they portray a historical event or traditions. That’s why It’s more fun in the Philippines.

Every regions, cities, Municipalities down to barangay they all celebrate festivals, each household the tradition that every festivals much to prepare foods for visitors, if you expect that they have food in their house because it’s fiesta you’re right, that‘s we called hospitality and that is what festivals in the Philippines.

The Alaminos City, Pangasinan   celebrate their festival which Paraw Festivals, Paraw IMG20170323172902is also known as sailboat, why paraw festival, because it surrounded of water and islands, This is the Home Of the famous Hundred Islands, Bolo Beach and more. One of the main work in Alaminos is fishing and boatman so they celebrate the Paraw festival. One of the highlight this festival is talaba ihaw ihaw day, where they can grilled the talaba and the different kind of fishes. The talaba is known as Oyster. There are hundreds of grilling tools and each Barangay, LGU’s and who wants to grill, it is open for all.

In 27th day of March 2017 is a memorable one, because of fun and enjoyment. Where from school past four or five pm, the plan is we decided to watch gay boxing at Plaza Enrique but we’ve never expect at all that they celebrating the talaba ihaw ihaw day, then we act normal but I’m in shock because I’m not expected that one, we continue walking an then one of our classmate said what’s that ? or “Ano Yan?”in filipino and we decided to try it, why not!. My classmates really like it and he ask one more talaba and we did also. In the otherside were not only but my other classmates who really likes andthey wait to grilled it.

FB_IMG_1493121015167The talaba itself  it has the sweetness, saltiness, softness and the texture is really awesome totally delicious, yummy and it is fresh from grill. We move to other grill and we actually say “WOW” because it have “sungayan” a kind of fish, “pusit” which is squid and hotdogs. We want the squid but they gave us hotdogs instead of squid but be contented of what they give to you. Last but not the least this is the most important part, let’s have groupie or picture picture in the Philippines.

It’s more fun in the Philippines especially in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

More festivals to come and Talaba pa more. Have a nice day and God Bless.

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