Another Jewel of Alaminos: The Mangrove Park

Just a couple of hundred miles of driving north from Manila, you’ll get to the City of Alaminos, located in the province of Pangasinan. It is famous of its Hundred Islands National Park, which was the first ever national park ever erected in the country. But our journey is not just for the Hundred Islands National Park, but we’ll go to another beautiful place called the MANGROVE PARK.

As the word itself reveals, it is a park full of different kinds of mangrove. From skinny to thick ones and from brown to green in color, they have it. It is located in Barangay Bued, one of the rising barangays of Alaminos City because of its tourism which offers great view of the famous HINP and the green shade of the mangroves.

The Mangrove Park offers different experiences. First, you can have the chance to plant your own mangrove tree. Yes! You can have your own tree within the park. 17038617_1384651864911007_6747616523293769259_o Isn’t it good? You will be helping mother nature to bring back the homes of the fishes and other aquatic or marine animals. Secondly, you can have your picnics or dates for your loved ones. IMG_4527Because of the quite and peaceful atmosphere of the park, this can be a place where you can have a date with your loved ones. Either in the cottages, in the bamboo table beneath a big tree or in the tall gazebo where you can see the famous Hundred Islands National Park. IMG_4477Lastly, you can have your way of relaxation and sightseeing with the blue sea with the Hundred Islands or with the green and lively mangrove park deck view with the two or three storey gazebo. There are studies that sightseeing in a peaceful or quiet place, facing nature can be a way of relaxation. Here, you can have your “You time” or “God + You time” or “Nature + You time.”

Earlier this year, me and my group went to this Park to shoot some scenes for our project in multimedia. IMG_4504We are amazed on how the LGU of Alaminos City cared and maintained the beauty of the mangroves. Truly, Filipinos are not just good in showing their love for other people, but also for nature.


Come to Bued, Alaminos City, Pangasinan to witness the beauty of the Mangroves.

Choose Mangrove Park, Choose Alaminos City, Choose Philippines.IMG_4569

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