Unexpected Event: my Hundred Islands Trip

The Hundred Island National Park. Have you heard about hundred islands? Hundred Islands is about 124 island when it’s low tide and about 123 islands when it’s high tide. There’s a hundred of island out there and you can choose only one to stay or settled but if you want to do some island hopping hundred islands is one of the most recommended.

Jhona 4

January 25, 2017 is an unexpected event for me because my auntie told me that there going to hundred islands right now and she ask me if I want to come with theme, and of course I said, yes, I’m excited. It’s not my first time in hundred islands but the trill and excitement is always the same.

We preparing for our foods in hundred islands it’s a fiesta. San Vicente to Brgy. Lucap, the gateway to the hundred Islands national Park. We stop over in Jollibee because my aunties like to by a bucket of chicken before we go in hundred Islands, we also buy some snacks in suki market like “kangkanin”, “mais”, “mani” and ice, we start eating while in the car.

Here we go we are in Brgy. Lucap port they start to put our thing in boat. We then negotiated with some boatmen to take us in Quezon Island but the boatmen said that the island was closed because of the visitors coming from the cruise ship, so we decided to go in Romulo’s Island.  First come up in my mind, where’s the Romulo Island. Everytime we go in hundred Islands we always choose Quezon Island because it’s developed and there’s a Gazebo out there but this time we decided to go in Romulo’s Island. The unexpected Island of hundred islands was never failed with a crystalized water and fine white sand, you can swim with the clear water all day and snorkeling. How about me? I have no swimming attire or any shirt just my outfit, how sad but I enjoined the view with matching selfie and groupie with my cousins. My aunties and grandmother they enjoined playing cards with loud laugh but it’s just a time consuming.

It’s 4pm and already high tide so we better go and do some Island hopping. The boatmen start to take us around the island, the main islands is the Children’s Island, Governor’s Island and the Quezon Island.

It’s more fun in the Philippines especially Hundred Islands.


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