The pride of Alaminos City: the Hundred Islands

Truly, our beloved country, the Philippines are given with such magnificent places and with it is its good people, great food, the hospitality, and love. One of these places are found in the tip of the beautiful province of Pangasinan– the City of Alaminos on whom houses the famous tourist attraction, not only here in our country but also around the globe.1383701_741527419223458_5838002852536032924_n (1)

The Alaminos City houses the famous 100 Islands on which made last years record of more than 300,000 visitations of tourists both local and international. The pride of the City was famous because of its good ambiance and great blue clean water, intense water sports and different water activities. Up to this date, only 6 islands are being used to cater the tourists namely: the Governor’s Island, Children’s Island, and many others. The Alaminos City’s Hundred Islands National Park (HINP) was the first ever national park ever erected in the country. The national park’s job is to be a sanctuary to the marine life- to preserve and propagate the marine life of the nation.

Last 2014 was my latest visit in that magnificent place. That was not my first time, yet I was amazed again by what the Hundred Islands National Park had become. That year, I was with my church colleagues for a retreat and enjoyment. There, our target was the Quezon Islands, but before that, we went for different pit stops. Our first stop was the Governor’s Island, where a small cave was available for tour. Our second stop was at the Children’s Island and our last was the Quezon Island’s which has a famous landmark of the life size sculpture of the late President Manuel Quezon.10418283_741525045890362_8592752178714674349_n

Along with that year was the construction of the island to island zip-line, the first ever island to island zip-line ever created in the country. Looking with that scenery, I was impressed and felt proud of my country. There is no other place like the Hundred Islands National Park.10377021_741524949223705_5918900095608039409_n

This year, huge monument of St. Joseph (the patron saint of the city) is created and expected to be finished early before the Holy Week. This is expected to be the new tourist attraction and new pride of the City because of its gigantic size and great scenery which faces the wide vast of waters of the Lingayen Gulf. This project’s intention is to be a pilgrimage that was used by the people who wants to be have a retreat or some other kinds of spiritual activities.

Truly, although we are not blessed to be one of the top countries in our world today in terms of financial stature, the Philippines, our beloved country are swarming of different beautiful places along with its natural resources that makes us on top of the list when it comes to the wealth and development of our natural bio-diversity. This is a reason for us to be proud. This is a reason for us to choose Philippines. 10415675_741525712556962_4786795941951467078_n

Below are some photos I took when we went there.

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1383701_741527419223458_5838002852536032924_n (1)

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